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  • Innovation Promotion Program (Fifth Program)

    The aim of the program is to promote and advance innovation and technological entrepreneurship in the Russian Federation, including through acceleration of profile media, development of mass communications system in the market of innovation and technological entrepreneurship, and promotion of success stories of technology companies.

    The Innovation Promotion Program of RVC should contribute to the development of venture investment and innovation and technological entrepreneurship in general. At its core, it preserves the continuity of the activities undertaken in the previous period.

    Involvement of successful representatives of science and education, as well as inventors, in innovative business sphere

    One of the most important current tasks is to involve the greatest possible number of successful representatives of science and education in the technology business sphere as company founders and pilot middle and top managers.

    Popularisation of the technological entrepreneurship in this field is directly affecting not only the emergence of new technology companies (start-ups), but also the attraction of graduate students in the technology business to the relevant expert positions.

    Facilitating the flow of qualified engineers in the high-tech market segments

    The second task is to facilitate the flow of qualified engineers, the lack of which is one of the main obstacles to the development of high-tech market segments. In the current environment, the traditionally strong and massive domestic engineering school has largely lost its position as the number and quality of Russian engineers decreased. Scientific, research, technical, and inventive activities are no more prestigious.

    Meanwhile, it is often the engineering staff that is the defining force behind the creation of technological innovation. It is the engineering environment, where the companies making difference to the industry are emerging.

    Formation in the society of an image of technological entrepreneur as a "hero of our time" based on "success stories"

    The third task – to form in the society, based on "success stories," an image of technological entrepreneur as a "hero of our time," a man whose life and work are worthy of respect and emulation (PR technological entrepreneurship and innovation development) – preserves the continuity of the activities undertaken in the previous three-year period (2011 to 2013).

    Support for the development of technology platforms as strategic communications tools in the innovative market

    The fourth task – to support development of technology platforms as strategic communications tools in the innovative market – also preserves the continuity of the activities undertaken in the previous three-year period (2011 to 2013).

    RVC believes that an important tool for bringing together business, science, and the state in the implementation of priority directions of modernization and technological development of the Russian economy is a technology platform.

    The technology platform is a communication tool aimed at intensifying efforts to develop advanced commercial technologies, new products (services), attracting additional resources for research and development through the participation of all stakeholders (business, science, government, and civil society), as well as improving the legal framework in the field of scientific and technological development and innovation.

    RVC's support to creation and development of technology platforms will be focused on addressing the following tasks:

    • Increased influence of the business and society on selection and implementation of the most important areas of scientific and technological development;

    • Determination of new scientific and technological opportunities for modernization of the existing sectors and creation of new ones in the Russian economy;

    • Determination of crucial directions for improvements in industry regulation to distribute new technologies rapidly;

    • Adjustment of the state policy tools to stimulate innovation, support for scientific and technological activities and processes of company modernization in consideration of specific features and options for the development of industries and sectors of the Russian economy;

    • Expansion of scientific and industrial cooperation, creation of new partnerships in the field of innovation, new value added generating chains, and production of high-tech quality products (services);

    • Development of centers for excellence and centers for competences in the field of science and technology, capacity building for the implementation of complex scientific and technological projects requiring the participation of various organizations and interdisciplinary interaction.

    Popularization of the Russian venture industry abroad and increase in investment attractiveness of the Russian venture capital market in the international arena

    The fifth task of the program is implemented together with the program for globalisation of the Russian innovation industry (sub-task "Organization of focused and efficient PR activity of RVC in global and local markets"). In order to attract international "smart money" to the Russian market, it is necessary to organize and hold a campaign to promote in the international arena the "success stories" of foreign investors making profitable investments in Russian innovation companies.

    During the campaign, using all the tools available (from business and political activities to publications in the mass media), we must reasonably promote Russia as one of the best places in the world to do a safe and profitable business, as well as the first-class source of technological innovation for the global market.

    Solution of this task will contribute to solution of task 5. "Detection and analysis of any possible terms and conditions to attract international capital to the Russian venture market in current economic conditions", implemented by the program for creation of investment vehicles.