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  • Program for Globalisation of Russian Innovation Industry (Fourth Program)

    The program is aimed at studying international experience of innovative development, adaptation and implementation of the best practices in Russia, promotion of foreign investments (and the related process of due diligence), support for integration into global production chains (value-added chains) and exports of high-tech products made by Russian companies, fostering acquisition of foreign technological assets for the benefit of the Russian economy with the prospect of technology transfer, as well as formation of RVC reputation as a global market player and reliable professional partner in the Russian market (so-called "sherpa" for international participants of the Russian market).

    Promotion of the access of Russian innovation and service businesses to the global market and their integration into international value generating chains through promotion of Russian innovative companies of the portfolio of funds created with participation of RVC's capital, and other partner company pools (export promotion, search for technology and strategic partners, and search for later stage investors)

    Assistance to Russian innovative companies in reaching the international level and consolidation in their niches in foreign markets will not only contribute to the growth of export turnover of these companies, but also help the formation of the respective culture and service infrastructure in the national innovation environment, and gradually blur the boundaries between the Russian and international innovation and venture ecosystems.

    RVC will provide system assistance to exports of Russian innovative products and services, enhancement of attractiveness of, demand for, and protection of intellectual property of Russian innovators. Particular attention will be paid to non-financial tools to support exports, including the analysis and description of the key high-tech markets, marketing support for foreign economic activity, creation of competencies in prototyping, productivization and effective sales of Russian technology solutions, and creation of a favorable atmosphere for Russian innovative products in local business communities.

    It is also necessary to organize monitoring of opportunities and needs of foreign companies in order to use the resulting marketing, technological, and scientific information for the development of the export potential of Russian innovative companies, and building business communications between possible Russian and international partners. Active participation of RVC, RVC funds, and promising global portfolio companies in international innovation and technological events will also contribute to this task.

    Complex representation of the interests of the Russian innovation ecosystem in the markets (search for and support to partnerships and sharing best practices)

    This task will be implemented through solving the following subtasks:

    • Organization of focused and efficient PR activity in global and local markets;
    • Ensuring RVC's mutually supportive cooperation with associations and unions, technology platforms and other participants in the Russian technology market;
    • Participation in key international forums, conferences, and other events dedicated to international cooperation in innovation, science, and technology;
    • Implementation of targeted communication activities and tools aimed at informing foreign business audiences of prospects and opportunities for cooperation with the Russian Federation in science, technology, and innovation.

    Promotion of transfer to the Russian Federation of "breakthrough" foreign technology and advanced international business competencies

    The transfer of "breakthrough" foreign technologies to the Russian Federation will be implemented through the following:

    • Identification of promising foreign technology companies by RVC, missions, and representatives (consultants) of RVC in international local markets;
    • Identification (including in partnership with universities) of advanced Russian technologies that can compete in the global market and promotion of their effective commercialization;
    • Thorough expert assessment of the proposed technologies;
    • Attracting professional international investors to the Russian market through the provision of advice, information, and other support from RVC and RVC funds;
    • Promotion of creation of professional venture communities with Russian and global market players, as well as Engagement of RVC in activities of international organizations;
    • Assistance in formation (including in partnership with the best international partners) of centers for transfer and commercialization of Russian technologies.

    RVC Missions and Representatives (Consultants)

    RVC missions and representatives (consultants) in international local markets (U.S., Great Britain, Israel, and Singapore) should work in close coordination with the head office of RVC and perform the tasks assigned to them. The main areas of the missions' work are the following:

    • Adaptation and promotion of the necessary information for the local country market (on the innovation system of the Russian Federation, development institutions, RVC, RVC funds and portfolio companies, etc.).
    • Collecting, analysis, and provision of useful information for RVC (market research, sources of knowledge, experience, best practices, technological advances, interesting opportunities, etc.).
    • Search and attraction to cooperation of local and global market resources (key organizations and individuals of the global market - to establish contacts and to attract investments for joint projects in the both local country market, and Russia).
    • Participation in the organization of specific events (forums, conferences, and road shows).

    Activities under the program of globalization of the Russian innovation industry will contribute to the solution of the task 5. "Detection and analysis of any possible terms and conditions to attract international capital to the Russian venture market in current economic conditions", implemented by the program for creation of investment vehicles.

    Provision of international component in addressing the challenges facing other RVC programs

    As part of the program, other RVC programs (initiatives and projects) with an international component will be supported.

    External geographical preferences of RVC are formed and refined in accordance with the priorities of the state policy in scientific, technological, and international sphere, as well as the urgent tasks of development of innovation and technological entrepreneurship and venture capital investment in the Russian Federation.