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  • Innovation Ecosystem Development Program (Second Program)

    The Innovation Ecosystem Development Program is aimed at ensuring implementation of the institutional component of RVC Development Strategy. Acting on the basis of interoperability and transparency standards, RVC is to become one of the key drivers of the transformation of socio-economic systems facilitating coordination and cooperation between the authorities and subjects of the innovation ecosystem, between the public and commercial sectors for the benefit of effective implementation of the national innovation policy, compensation and filling the gaps in the market and system, and identification and promotion of the best practices.

    The Program is focused on the following key target groups:

    • Universities and research centers - to ensure commercialization of technologies and creation of an effective link between education, science, and high-tech business;
    • Innovation infrastructure facilities - in order to expand their operations and increase their effectiveness in line with the best international and domestic practices;
    • Corporations, including state ones - in order to develop modern mechanisms and tools of innovation management, and form high-grade corporate innovation ecosystems;
    • Regional government authorities - in order to create efficient regional innovation ecosystems;
    • Federal government authorities - to ensure coordination between various governmental innovation support tools and improve their effectiveness.

    Formation of an integrated vehicle environment facilitating productive coordination and cooperation of all the subjects and objects of the national innovation ecosystem

    Relying on its own expertise, intellectual, financial and organizational resources, as well as in cooperation with federal and regional authorities, development institutions, and partners in implementation of this program, RVC aims to implement the market function of the integrator and achieve systemic synergies through the formation of an integrated tool environment that would facilitate productive coordination and cooperation of all the subjects and objects of the national innovation ecosystem.

    Acting as a single competence center , RVC generates the necessary contours of interaction between the individual elements of the ecosystem of innovation and technological entrepreneurship and venture capital investments, accumulates and promotes the best practices in industries, optimizes, integrates, and scales the mechanisms available in the market, and contributes to development of new forms and tools to support innovation.

    Synchronization of innovation ecosystem subjects and public innovation support tools

    At the moment, Russia has created a lot of innovation support tools and innovation infrastructure facilities. However, they operate inefficiently due to a lack of coordination between them, poor cooperation, horizontal and vertical integration. Territorial innovation clusters, technology platforms, engineering centers, state-owned companies implementing innovative development program, startup acceleration centers at universities, etc. often operate without using possible synergies with other players in the innovation market.

    Development and supply of products ensuring formation of effective innovation ecosystems for the benefit of the key customer groups

    The unique proposal made by RVC as the center of expertise in the field of innovation ecosystem development was based on development and supply of integrated products ensuring formation of effective innovation ecosystems for the benefit of the key customer groups - federal executive authorities of the Russian Federation, universities, research centers, and corporations. RVC identifies internal conflicts and "gaps" in the local innovation ecosystems or the national innovation ecosystem as a whole, produces optimal approaches to solving existing problems, and ensures designing and building an effective ecosystem based on knowledge of the tools available in the market and their suppliers.

    The program involves promotion of the national innovation ecosystem in the framework of a mutually beneficial and constructive interaction with key sources (suppliers) of relevant financial and non-financial tools - federal executive bodies, constituent entities of the Russian Federation, development institutions, financial and credit institutions and foundations, universities, investors and business angels, corporations, consulting organizations, and others.

    Increased availability of high-quality ecosystem products and services in the market

    Implementing the functions of the national innovation ecosystem integrator, RVC contributes to development, effective use and increase of availability on the market of a balanced set of both financial and non-financial tools, including investments, grants, loans, programs to support innovation and technological entrepreneurship, services of technology parks, business incubators, accelerators, centers for technology transfer and innovative regional clusters, mechanisms of innovative development programs of the largest public corporations and state-owned companies, etc.

    As part of the innovation ecosystem development program, RVC not only contributes to development and improvement of quality of ecosystem goods and services, but also develops its own products to compensate for the lack of them in the market.

    Creating a system of comprehensive monitoring of the national innovation system as a basis for formation of the state policy in the field of science, technology, and innovation development

    To form an effective state policy in the field of scientific and technological development and innovation, they need information about all the key objects and subjects of the innovation system, of processes occurring in it, on trends in its development, as well as on challenges and gaps in it. At the same time, to date there is no holistic "map" of the Russian innovation system, as a result of which it is impossible to form an effective policy and programs for its development, taking into account the whole range of factors, challenges, and opportunities.

    As part of the innovation ecosystem development program, it is planned to "map" the national innovation system and ensure its comprehensive monitoring. RVC should become a key competence center for innovative development in Russia, setting standards of analysis and expertise in this market.