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    About the Forum

    Forum and Technology Show is the new format of Open Innovation, which starts in 2015.

    The topic of the Forum is "The man at the junction of technological revolution trends." Five thematic days reveal five spheres of human life, dramatically changing under the influence of technology - performance, environment, education, health, and entertainment. A forum without ties, the cult of entrepreneurship and creativity, the focus on innovative formats of content presentation and discussion - it's a new style of a contemporary international technology congress. Providing a platform for speakers from around the world, Open Innovation pays close attention to presentation of experience of Russian technology companies, both global companies that are leaders in their industries, and innovative young teams that start their projects in international markets.

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    Five days - five spheres of human life


    Labour changing with new inventions is driving further development of human civilization. Each round of the technological revolution has its own effect on productivity, radically changing the structure of industries, employment in the economy, and the way of life in its entirety. Never before has our productivity been influenced by so many powerful factors at the same time. How are human activities - from industry and agribusiness to creative industries and management - changing under continuous pressure by digitalisation and IT revolution, robotics and artificial intelligence, and constant introduction of new materials and interfaces? How will future human activities change?

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    A modern global metropolis is a complex organism, constantly producing and consuming technology. What should a city do to progress as a global provider of new technologies? How are exporting cities created in the world market of technological entrepreneurship? What does a metropolis need to become home to the world-class technology schools and corporations? On the other hand, to cope with the ever-increasing challenges of the organization of life in the constantly pressing environment, metropolises are becoming polygons for introduction of the most modern technologies in construction, materials, transport logistics, finance, and organization of social interaction. What is the interaction between a technology consuming city and a technology producing city?

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    Steadily increasing longevity and quality of life on the planet has already led to sweeping changes in the world social and economic tenor, affecting pension systems, financial markets, and putting whole countries to complex socio-political challenges. The planet is once again on the threshold of a series of revolutionary changes in the health industry caused by the big data, digitalisation, development of biotechnology, genomic and post-genomic technologies, and a large number of other scientific achievements. How will the global health industry change upon a transition to personalized medicine, shift to monitoring and prevention of diseases, possibility of telemedicine, introduction of numerous capabilities of mobile devices into health management? How will humanity change under the influence of a new health industry?

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    Technology-driven revolution of generation, accumulation, and transfer of knowledge has become one of the global megatrends, which determines the economic and social changes on the planet. New professions and future professions, classical education as opposed to the explosive growth of new educational platforms, the world of open educational content and philosophy of "education as life style", new models of interaction between universities and corporations, mobile technology and gamification of education - how does it all change the modern system of acquiring knowledge and skills?

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    Ever-growing performance in the world frees our time of work, but it is immediately stolen by the entertainment industry armed with state-of-art technologies. Global entertainment corporations are expanding their range of new services, claiming maximum control over our free time. Media revolution and hegemony of social networks, digital art and gamification, interpenetration of the entertainment industry, work, and education, merging different entertainment industries into single corporations and clusters - all these driven by technologies are changing the huge sector of the world economy, which determines the way mankind is having fun. How exactly will the entertainment industry prevent people from disposing their own free time?

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    About the exhibition

    The mission of the updated exhibition "Open Innovation" is to become a major technology show in Moscow as a global city. The exhibition week in the 75th Pavilion of VDNH in late October will show Muscovites and tourists the nearest technological future of the planet. Both students, neophytes, and experts will have an opportunity to spend a few hours getting acquainted with the latest developments and innovations in the field of robotics, data processing systems, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, engineering and new materials, digitalisation, and industry of games and new media.