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    About GenerationS

    GenerationS is a federal accelerator for technology start-ups, in which the best projects are selected by the results of a multi-stage examination to receive intensive development and opportunities for investment. GenerationS has been held by RVC since 2013 with the support of Russian corporations, development institutions, and representatives of venture infrastructure.

    Since 2015, GenerationS resources have been utilised for creation of corporate and industry accelerators in close cooperation with large Russian corporations. The corporations are directly involved in project selection and assessment, as well as in acceleration of startups participating in GenerationS, based on their needs in innovation. The search for promising innovative project is carried out through the regional partner network of GenerationS. This network combines startup schools, business incubators, universities, and other participants in the innovation ecosystem working with startups.

    GenerationS-2015 is held in seven branch lines (tracks): Power & Energy (modern power generation technologies), Telecom (telecommunications), Robotics (automated and robotic systems), Aerospace (technology for the aerospace industry), SmartCity (technology for life), Oil&Gas (technologies and materials in the oil and gas sector), and BiotechMed (medicine and biotechnology).

    For startups, GenerationS is a free acceleration program, obtaining skills in technology business, opportunity to modify their products in close cooperation with potential corporate customers, develop relationships with corporations, investors and experts, and increase business potential and investment attractiveness of their projects. For the best teams that will get to the final investment session and reach the stage of evaluation by the investment committee, a corporate partner of the track can become a strategic investor or customer and the development may be included in the product line of the corporation. All the participants of corporate accelerators will be given the opportunity to receive a grant of RUB 1 mn from the Foundation for Assistance to Development of Small Research and Technology Enterprises. Three winners of GenerationS will share the prize fund of RVC and partners. The minimum size of the prize fund is RUB 5 mn.

    In 2014, 1858 projects from 13 countries of the world and 65 regions of Russia participated in the GenerationS. More than 400 Russian and international experts were projects mentors providing assistance in their development and search for strategic partners and investors. In 2014 the prize fund of GenerationS amounted to RUB 5 mn, with the value of partners' prizes being of RUB 38 mn.

    Industry tracks:

    • SmartCity – Technology for life
    • Oil&Gas – Technologies and materials in the oil and gas sector
    • BioTechMed – Biotechnology and medicine
    • Power&Energy – Modern power generation
    • Aerospace – High technology and industrial tools for the aerospace industry
    • Robotics – Automatic and robotic systems and complexes
    • Telecom – Information and communication technologies

    Each area has its own training program, taking into account the industrial features of projects.

    Startups will learn the following under GenerationS acceleration programs:

    • Develop a business plan for the project commercialization
    • Learn more about the mechanisms available to attract investments
    • Prepare investment documentation
    • Make grant applications to development institutions
    • Develop a strategy for the startup promotion and PR
    • Develop a strategy to protect the startup IS.