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  • RVC OJSC Partnership Program

    RVC OJSC Partnership Program ensures RVC's interaction with its partners and implementation of partner support programs.

    RVC Partner Service is coordinating interaction with RVC's partners.

    RVC partner is a counterparty having a successful history of relations with RVC, that have signed an Agreement of Cooperation with RVC, or having an RVC Seed Fund Venture Partner Certificate.

    What are our partners?

    • Associations
    • Business angels
    • RVC Seed Fund venture partners
    • Venture capital funds
    • Innovative companies
    • Development institutions
    • Consulting companies
    • Media partners
    • Educational partners
    • RVC's portfolio companies
    • Technology parks, accelerators, and business incubators
    • Federal and regional authorities

    Purpose, Objectives, and Principles


    The purpose of the Partner Program is to ensure effective collaboration with partners and RVC implementation of structural programs to support them.


    • Single "point of entry" to RVC,
    • Joint activities with RVC partners,
    • Creation of a positive image of RVC together with its partners in Russia and abroad,
    • Participation in projects of RVC Programs with partners, and
    • RVC partner network development.


    • Voluntariness
    • •Succession
    • Transparency
    • Feedback.

    Partnership Terms and Condition

    RVC partner status is assigned, if any of the following conditions is met:

    • Successful history of relations with RVC,
    • Agreement of Cooperation with RVC, or
    • RVC Seed Fund Venture Partner Certificate соглашение о сотрудничестве с РВК;

    How to sign the Agreement of Cooperation?

    1. Send your application to (period of review - 10 days) :

    • The application shall be made in free form,

    • You must have at least two successful projects with RVC,

    • You need a letter of reference from at least two customer's and/or partners.

    2. Sign the Agreement of Cooperation (term - 20 days) :

    • The Agreement of Cooperation shall be prepared using RVC's template.

    3. Obtain the status of "RVC Partner":

    • Valid for 1 year from the date of signing,
    • Extended on the resolution of the parties upon submission of the application for an extension in a free form to

    Rights and Benefits of RVC Partners


    • Access to analysis and evaluation of innovative projects;
    • Monitoring, analysis, and exchange of information on investment activity of venture fund management companies and innovative companies;
    • Joint advice to innovative joint venture companies;
    • Development and modification of the company's strategic plans, including the adjustment and business plan development;
    • Facilitation of a fair investee presentation (due diligence);
    • Support to creation of a common information space for participants of the innovation market and venture capital industry;
    • Assistance in the implementation of innovative projects in priority areas of science, technology, and engineering development in the Russian Federation, according to the list of critical technologies of the Russian Federation, in the priority areas of innovation, scientific, and technological developments;
    • Support to RVC funds' operation - examination and acceleration of portfolio companies;
    • Cooperation within the expert network, including sharing existing expert resources;
    • Assistance in strengthening working relationships with participants of the innovative venture capital market;
    • Involvement of the management of innovative companies, venture capital funds, and development institutions in educational programs;
    • Participation in seminars, conferences, lectures on innovation given by RVC and partners;
    • Joint activities, programs, and projects to promote modern corporate governance standards.


    RVC may:

    • Decide on signing, extension, and early termination of the Agreement of Cooperation;
    • Audit the document received in interaction with the partner;
    • Require compliance with the policy of using RVC brand from the partner

    The partner may:

    • Use the information on signing the Agreement of Cooperation with RVC for marketing and PR purposes, including the publication of such information;
    • Post RVC press package materials on their own official website;
    • Post their own news and materials, including general information, logo, and a link to the official website in the profile sections of the official website of RVC.

    Partner Communication Tools:


    Elena Savinova, Head of Marketing,
    Тел.: +7 (495) 777-01-04,