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    The RVC Board of Directors approved the general concept of InfraFund RVC in June 2010. Limited liability company Infrastructure Investment RVC (InfraFund RVC) started its operations on January 24, 2011. InfraFund’s key objective is to develop the market for special-purpose services required by technology companies for efficient business operations and accelerated growth and product promotion on domestic and international markets. This new infrastructure will provide innovative companies with consulting services in marketing, finance, law, intellectual property, investor relation and much more.

    Investment Focus

    InfraFund RVC addresses investment applications made by such entities as companies performing services for Innovation Companies and involved in consulting, expert review, research, analysis, science and development and management business aimed at establishing and technical, financial and business development and promotion of Innovation Companies and projects and raising investments and funding for such Investment Companies and projects, that is, the companies which business promotes the growth of Russia’s innovation market. Besides, any service company seeking investment from the fund should not only meet any specific challenge, but also offer unique services/products.

    InfraFund is interested in any service company which introduces advanced business solutions in its business activities, applies various proprietary (and/or acquired) up-to-date technologies and methods, offers new services to the members of the innovation and technology market and methods anв solutions which cross any traditional infrastructure barriers for the growth on the innovation, technology and venture capital markets.

    Basic Details:

    • Full name: Limited liability company “Infrastructure Investments RVC”
    • Short name: LLC InfraFund RVC
    • Initial amount of the charter capital: 500 million
    • Expected amount of the charter capital: RUR 2 million
    • Operation life of InfraFund: unlimited (continuous)
    • InfraFund makes investments in cooperation with private investors.
    • InfraFund will provide not more than 75% of the total investment demand of the infrastructure companies in cash or assets or as intellectual property rights equivalent to no more than RUR 100 million within the first series financing round.
    • InfraFund accepts any legal and financial conditions of transactions to the extent permitted by the applicable laws of the Russian Federation.
    • InfraFund addresses the projects directly provided by project authors or originators (with no cooperation with the venture capital partner system).
    • Any and all investment decisions are made by InfraFund’s Investment Committee (the Board).
    • Alexander Arkadievich Loktev is appointed Director at LLC InfraFund RVC.