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    About the Fund

    The Venture Fund managed by Rusbio Ventures MC was formed as an investment partnership under Federal Law No. 335-FZ "On Investment Partnership" of 28 November 2011 (as amended by Federal Law No. 220-FZ "On Amendments to the Federal Law on Investment Partnership" of 21 July 2014). The first closing of the Fund in the amount of about RUB 2.07 mn was held on 10 October 2014. Thus the Fund became the first major independent investment partnership established in the Russian Federation and the first fund of RVC, created within a competition for new generation venture capital funds announced in 2012.

    The anchor investor is R-Pharm CJSC, a leading Russian private pharmaceutical company. Besides money, the company is to bring expertise of its leading researchers and managers to the partnership. The Fund's managing partner is RusBioVentures, a company created by venture market professionals that have experience of successful domestic and international transactions in the field of biomedicine.

    The Fund begins to invest in projects in the field of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medicine, and related industries. The Fund's investment strategy was formed taking into account the features and needs of the Russian and world markets characterized by increasing convergence of technologies (biological, engineering, chemical, computer, and other technologies), as well as the strengths of the management team. The aim of the management team is to develop and manage a balanced portfolio of:

    • High-risk unique projects at a relatively early stage, which have the potential of multiple capitalization growth,
    • Risky projects at the later stages or with the shorter life cycle (e.g., bio-IT), and
    • Less risky projects that are already on the market or close to the market, including syndicated and (or) territorial transactions with the world's leading venture capital firms.

    Contact details:
    Address: Entrance 1, 10 Testovskaya Str., Moscow, 123317
    Telephone/fax: +7 (495) 782-23-42