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  • Life Sciences Seed Fund

    About the Fund

    The Life Sciences Seed Fund was created in May 2015. The Fund operates as an investment partnership that is controlled by the Investment Committee including representatives of RVC Seed Fund, KSI Ventures LLC, and managing partner of the Fund. The Fund is searching for projects, helping them in organizing operations, and assuming management risks. The fund will invest in early stage living systems projects: biomedical, pharmaceutical, cellular, genomic, agrobio- and neurotechnology, and bioengineering.

    The Fund's size is RUB 33.4 mn. The investment period of the Life Sciences Seed Fund is two years. It is allowed to increase the Fund's capital before expiry of the investment period.

    Purpose of the Fund

    Develop early stage life science projects. Determine the most attractive business models and scale those using capabilities and competences of KSI Ventures as a member of the Severny biopharmaceutical cluster. This will ensure access to the modern research facilities of MIPT, the leading technical university of the country, to preclinical and clinical centers of the cluster, and the opportunities of direct communication with manufacturers of drugs and medical devices.

    The Fund's basic parameters

    • It was founded in May 2015
    • The volume of assets managed is RUB 33.4 mn.
    • The investment period is two years.
    • Additional capitalization is allowed.
    • The Fund's form of organisation is an investment partnership consisting of RVC Seed Fund and KSI Ventures LLC (the managing partner).

    Investment Strategy

    The Fund's strategy:

    • Investing in projects focused on the Russian market with the potential for commercialization in the global market.
    • Investing in pre-seed and seed projects/companies capitalizing investments in an efficient way.
    • Investing in projects containing intellectual property that creates natural barriers to competition.
    • Funds are only invested in pre-seed and seed companies (RUB 8 mn per company maximum).

    Priority is given to young companies operating in the following areas of life sciences:

    • Pharmaceutical technology,
    • Cell technology,
    • Genomic technology,
    • Agrobiotechnology,
    • Neurotechnology,
    • Bioengineering,
    • Projects at the intersection of biological/medical and IT technologies.