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    About the Fund

    The hardware 2.0 venture accelerator fund - HaxVentures (the HaxVentures Seed Fund) was created in February 2015. The Fund operates as an investment partnership that is controlled by the Investment Committee including representatives of RVC Seed Fund, DI-Group, and HaxAsia Singapore accelerator. The managing partner within HaxVentures is DI-Group. The Fund invests in hardware 2.0 projects, including:

    • Portable and embedded devices
    • Augmented and virtual reality technologies
    • Man-machine interfaces
    • Other projects from the scope of the product Internet

    Through partnership with HaxAsia, the companies will be able to take part in an accelerator program. The purpose of the program is to prepare and develop projects from prototype to finished products, bring them to the stage of mass production or release of a pilot batch, facilitate entry to the global market, and test consumer demand through crowd funding on IndieGoGo.

    The Fund's size is RUB 34 mn. The investment period of HaxVentures is two years. It is allowed to increase the Fund's capital before expiry of the investment period.

    Purpose of the Fund

    Development of product Internet seed projects and bringing them to global markets through partnerships with HaxAsia.

    The Fund's basic parameters

    • It was founded in February 2015;
    • The volume of assets managed is RUB 34 mn;
    • The investment period is two years;
    • The investment bill is between 1 to 7 million rubles per project
    • The Fund's form of organisation is an investment partnership consisting of RVC Seed Fund and DI-Group (the managing partner).

    Investment Committee

    Dmitry Starodubtsev, a representative of the Management Company Vyacheslav Solonitsyn, private co-investor Andrey Kalinin, Manager of Investment, RVC Seed Fund.